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1. Starting any day .

2. Voluntary job oportunities.

3. Friendly homestay.

4. Tutorial & Cultural Programme Support.

5. Professional, experienced teachers.

6. Personalized classes with material included.

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We are an organization of professionals of the Spanish language teaching as second language. Our main mission is to give an active teaching and  using a dynamic method that stimulates the quick learning, taking advantage of each person's capacity natural singular to learn languages and at the same time taking it to a trip through the culture, geography, customs and individual character of the Nicaraguan  and especially of the  leoneses making of this alternative tourism. 
We hope to grow and to offer to our future students an integral and functional teaching that allows them to communicate and to interact in any environment spanish-speaker becoming this way a bridge that unifies both cultures. 
We will hope they enjoy our program. 
Manager & Professors' group 
Address: Iglesia La Recoleccion 1 y 1/2 block north, In Alianza Francesa.
Phones: +505 8183 7389 whatsapp / 8743 2874
Leon, Nicaragua.