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The MOst Experienced Spanish Course in Leon!

1. Starting any day .

2. Volunteer oportunities.

3. Friendly homestay.

4. Tutorial & Cultural Programme Support.

5. Professional and Native teachers.

6. One on One lessons + material included.

Make a reservation now! and get a free registration.

We Make Spanish Fun!


Language Lessons Offer Many Benefit

The Art Center from Ortiz-Gurdian Foundation : Founded recently but with an incredible cultural and works of art, they have collections of paintings, images and different old pieces.

Center of Environmental Initiatives of the City (CIMAC)-A botanical garden where you will be able to find the four more representative forests of Nicaragua (savanna, humid, riverside and I dry off) and an area of fruit-bearing. You can contemplate flowers during the whole year, to know an orquideario, to see and to listen many birds and other animals.

Viewpoint "El Fortin"-A historical strength, located in the hill of Acosasco, ideal to watch over the city. In times of the dictatorship Somocista was used as jail where tortured the political prisoners. At the present time it is a Viewpoint in which beautiful landscapes like the city of Leon and the incomparable Mountain range of the Maribios can be contemplated

Cooking Class -Nacatamales, confectioneries, old Indian, tiste and much more! Learns the most exotic and aphrodisiac  recipes from Nicaraguan food, and have a good time to the maximum learning and tasting the dishes that characterize the culinary culture result of the combination of the Spanish culture with the native.

Drawing and Painting Class -it is an entertaining activity, where we can express our thoughts through a work of art.

Leon Baseball Park. In this activity you will be able to know one of the most popular hobbies of the Nicaraguans. You can observe like the fanatics act during the development of the game and to learn many idiomatic expressions.

Ride Bicycles around Leon and Sorroundings. We ride for to take a look to the landscapes from Leon. There are ascents and descents among mountains.

Address: Iglesia La Recoleccion 1 y 1/2 block north, In Alianza Francesa, Leon, Nicaragua
Phones: +505 8183 7389 whatsapp / 8743 2874