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Learning a languageoutside your borders can prove to be a fascinating experience which can give you both a great time and a boost to your language skills. What really makes it great to learn a language in this fashion is what expert call an immersive experience. This is one of the most popular language learning strategies and it involves surrounding you with multi sensory information from the language you are trying to learn. One of the best ways to do that is to actually go and stay at a country where your target language is the native language. By doing so you're provided with a situation in which you must utilize the language as a tool and in which you can constantly compare and correct your knowledge with native speakers. An experience similar to what foreigners who attend any English courses in New York can have, and one that will help you tremendously.

If you are sold on the idea of having an immersive language learning experience, why not go to Leon, in Nicaragua? One of the best places to have a lovely and relaxing holiday Leon is also a great place to get those Spanish skills up to par. Leon has traditionally been the intellectual capital of Nicaragua, but what happens if you want to take a break from your studies? Here are some things you can do in Leon that are fun and exciting.


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Leon, Nicaragua
Things to Do
Enjoy the lovely beaches of Nicaragua.
One of the best things you can do in Leon is to take advantage of the fabulous beaches of Poneloya and Penitas. The golden sand and raging waters are a sight you will not find on any other place in Central America. On the same line, however, do be careful of the surf: the waves are big, feisty and fun but watch out for the currents. The sad truth is that the surf does claim a victim or two every year from unexpecting swimmers and surfers.

For those who like outdoors adventure of the kind you will never find on any English course New York City can give you, you should try doing a volcano trek. An organization called Quetzaltrekkers Nicaragua offers non profit volcano treks for those fit and daring. For those who want to upgrade their experience, you can always go with a number of paid treks that usually include English speaking guides. In any case do make sure you are fit enough for the task: between the altitude and the steep inclines you have to traverse you will need more than a trusty bottle of water to take you through.

If you like art, Leon has a number of lovely museums, like the Rubun Dario Museum which houses an incredible collection of poetry and other literary works. There are also art museums that have interesting collections, in particular specializing in modern art. Whatever you do, make sure you don't skip on a visit to El Fortin, an old Somoza stronghold located Southwest of the city. Only 20 minutes away if you walk, you can get

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"Enjoy the lovely beaches of Nicaragua"