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Have fun and improve your spanish!

1. Starting any day .

2. Voluntary job oportunities.

3. Friendly family homestay.

4. Tutorial & Cultural Programme Support.

5. Professional, experienced teachers.

6. Personalized classes with material included.

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4 hours full Immersion Spanish lessons per day: Monday - Friday (Starting 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon) with 20 minutes brake at 10:00 am. Lessons are in Spanish only. The LSSN focus the attention directly on learning in the course of demonstrations, experience, and practice in all the levels with more carefully explanation and grammar demonstration and other essentials elements from LSSN full immersion program.

Small class: 1 or 2 student's upper limit per class (up to 3 for groups). Class dimension depends of students number and levels attending classes at same time. Experienced Nicaraguan Spanish teachers are dedicated, handsome, and struggle to make learning Spanish a pleasant and fun experience for all LSSN students. LSSN teachers are trained for teach Spanish as a second language, LSSN teachers participate creating our materials and Spanish grammar book and share the activities by afternoon with LSSN students.
Class material are included on program costs. LSSN materials are created by the teachers staff using textbooks who illustrate leading second language learning texts from Latin America and Spain as well as a variety of locally produced printed and visual materials. The LSSN student receive an indispensable Spanish grammar textbook (in Spanish) designed with the objective of make easy learn the Spanish language as a second language.

Extra individual tutoring is available every day in addition to the basic morning course.Modify your program is possible to make it extra "rigorous," to begin a program in the middle of the week, or to design a program with fewer hours, with or without Homestay. Reserve in advance or add on to your course once in steps forward and you have certain that  you want the additional hours (suggested).

Diploma of participation at the end of your course. You will receive documentation of each week's class and tutoring hours with comments and evaluation from your teachers and a certificate, suitable for framing, documenting your participation and completion, signed by the LSSN teacher and LSSN director.
Private rooms and full board in a Nicaraguan Leon family Homestay is integrated in the basic course and highly suggested as a part of the immersion process for quick language acquisition. Even though at times your homestay may be shared with another LSSN student (or you may choose to share with a traveling companion or group members) many times students have their homestay to themselves. Homestay service includes a calm private room and three meals a day in a hygienic, safe, friendly home of a Nicaraguan family who will help you feel at home and at easiness, as well as giving you chance to put into practice your Spanish. In addition, your LSSN family will provide you with basic facilities such as a fan and bottled water, and several Homestay have phones which are able to be used just for receive call. Laundry service is offered through your family, although many students discover they in fact like to do their own laundry by hand. You can reserve extra homestay days before and/or after your course. You may also decide to be present at classes without homestay accommodations, or with Homestay.

Afternoon ecoturistical, culturals trips, educational seminaries, and visits with local service organizations are integrated in the basic course and are facilitated by the schools' teaching staff in an totally immersions Spanish speaking atmosphere so the students have the chance to put into practice their Spanish skills. Activities include visits to clinics, museums, cooperatives, artisan shops, small factories, farms, NGO and Government projects; dance, music, art, and handiwork classes; visits and lectures by community leaders, hikes, local tours and more. LSSN's topical seminaries (just in Spanish - mostly for intermediate and advanced students)


Language Lessons Offer Many Benefit

Address: Iglesia La Recoleccion 1 y 1/2 block north, In Alianza Francesa, Leon, Nicaragua
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