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Leon (or Santiago de los Caballeros de Leon, which is its full name) is located on the province of Leon in Nicaragua and has, for a long time, been the intellectual capital of the nation with its university being inaugurated in 1813. Leon is also an important commerce, agricultural (in particular for sugar cane, cattle, peanut and sorghum) and industrial location in the country and, until the city of Managua was declared capital, was considered for that role along with the city of Granada.

There are quite a bit of things to do in Leon and, if you are like most of us, you will want to take advantage of the beautiful beaches right away. Combining the pleasant breeze that cuts away with the summer heat with raging waves and a tricky surf, the beaches of Leon are both beautiful and wild, an experience quite different from the mellow beaches you could find on a nice weather, If you are a surfer you are in for a treat since the waves are usually big and quite fun. Do make a point, however, to check with the local safeguards to make sure you are up to date with news about the currents since they can be strong and are known to take the life of one or two unsuspecting surfers a year.


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Leon, Nicaragua.

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How to Get There
Plane: Te nearest airport for international flights is in Managua, which is about an hour and a half away from Leon if you rent a car.

Car: Your best bet is to use the Carretera Vieja de Leon which is in a great shape (best it has ever been), with good pavement and visible signs. If you are already in the country, you probably arrived at Managua (which has the closest international airport). The road from Managua is about 90 kilometers long, which takes about an hour and a half for most drivers. If you decide to take this route you
Bus: Again from Managua, you have several options if you decide to go with public transports. You can take the vans that leave from the Mercado Israel Lewites, the micro buses that leave from the Universidad Centro Americana (Central American University) or take the bus. The vans usually get a bit crowded but host fewer people (15 at most) so they make fewer stops. The micro buses are rather good but don't have a very good frequency. The buses usually come ever 15 to 20 minutes and if you decide to take them make sure to take the express since the regular service stops to pick up passengers along the side of the road.
"The city is full of lovely vintage buildings."

can make a side stop on Nagarote or perhaps La Paz Centro, both places are along the way and you can get an excellent snack of regional quesillo and tiste,